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Make a Mission Challenge

How would you like to see Go! Go! Global Girls save the world?
Send us a secret mission and we’ll throw all our powers at it. Namely, by turning it into a story. Then we’ll compile the stories and publish them on our blog, in our zines, or in a mini-sode. You write it, we’ll shoot it! And not with a gun.

This is how it works:
Email your ideas to: info@gogoglobalgirls.com

Type “Secret Mission” in the subject box.

Write your mission and include your name, age, type of animal you are (girl, boy, clown, manitee with typing skills?) and a little something about what you like to do in your spare time when you’re not inside watching a screen.

We will notify you if we accept your mission.
In return, we will send a personal e-zine to your inbox.


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